Vyxl — Branding & Collateral Design: Retro Rides 2018 Weekender


Vyxl is proud to have been involved in the Branding and Marketing collateral Design for the upcoming Retro Rides 2018 Weekender; a classic car event run in the UK by a long-time friend. Click to see more. 


Style-wise the client approved a weathered, posterized look featuring a central circular device inspired by race-car number roundels and vintage typography set alongside hero vehicles attending the event.


Collateral includes Posters, Magazine Print Ads, Flyers, Tickets (real and web), Social Media banners, Wristbands, and T-Shirt.

Vyxl is excited to see the results in due course.

Best of luck to David and his team at Retro Rides for a sellout event in May!

Retro Rides Weekender Official Website

Retro Rides — Store