Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Vyxl doesn’t comment on Politics – and rest assured the only commentary here will be on design – but with the recent surprise win of a young female Democrat representative against a long-standing male Democrat in New York, design seems to have been highly effective. (Click to read on >) 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; a 28-year-old Woman with Peurto-Rican heritage recently won a district congressional primary in New York City which represents 2 of the most notorious and ethnically-diverse areas; Queens and The Bronx.

The Design Agency responsible – Tandem Design NYC – ensured her Latin American background was clear with the predominant use of inverted ¡exclamation marks! – commonly used by Spanish-speakers. Even her posters were a mix of English and Spanish:alexandra_ocasio_cortez_truck.jpg

The other success here is in the presentation of her rather lengthy name; cleverly using the first part of her double-barrelled surname as a lead visual component, and an exclamation of positive and strong intent: ¡OCASIO!

The separation of Alexandria (clearly female) and Cortez (clearly Latin-American) are perfectly executed also.

And finally let’s not miss the the photography here; where honesty, openness and positivity are communicated clearly:alexandra_ocasio_cortez_pinsAnd also there was an obligatory tote bag render, so, there’s that ;) alexandra_ocasio_cortez_tote

Great work by her team and Tandem Design NYC.