Home Sweet Home Sushi Kids — Confusing yet beautiful Product Design!


This is a truly delightful set of packaging design, hailing from Portugal. Yet it’s also very confusing. 

With the product name containing the word ‘Sweet’ — and seeing the image above — I initially thought this was sushi-themed candy/sweets/confectionery. No. It’s simply nicely packaged kids’ sushi aimed to engage and excite.


However it confuses further with ‘Dino Eggs’; a box with a ‘Science4you’ logo on the front, and plastic dinosaurs in the promotional photography (yes they are included). Is this Food, a Happy Meal or a Chemistry experiment? And how do dinosaurs connect with Japanese seafood?!


Regardless of the confusion this product presents, I love the colourful results — especially if it means kids are avoiding far unhealthier ‘happy meals’ on occasion.


Via Dieline