Inflatable: When branding design loses its inhibitions


Free from the usual restraints of corporate branding, the Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art exhibition at the Exploratorium in San Francisco employed a hugely refreshingly visual style with its’ dynamic, inflating blue letterforms. 

Better still are the animations, sadly less prominent given the nature of Art Exhibition advertising (Posters, Brochures, Bus liveries etc..) but these have a truly engaging and joyous feel and can be seen on these clips below:

The exhibition itself — featuring five artists’ work in textural, technological and air-related mediums — is due to finish soon, so if you’re nearby or passing through, get down there!



The only concern I had from a branding viewpoint is any confusion between this being an Art Exhibition and not a childrens’ soft-play-related experience. However, checking Youtube videos (one included below) and happily it’s a cross between the two!

Great work by the San Francisco studio of Collins.

The exhibitions’ website is at